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Project Details

Client: Panbury's, LLC

Date: January 2014 - Present

Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Google Analytics, Google Optimize, Hotjar, Google AdWords

SKILLS: C&C Analysis, User Research, Sitemaps, Information Architecture, Front End Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), Analytics, SEO, A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, Graphic Design, Photography, Copywriting, Branding, Style Guides

ONLINE: www.panburys.com

The Panbury's website serves as both an advertisement and informational piece for the two Panbury's retail locations, as well as an e-commerce site. Building the Panbury's website is where my love for UX began. I was applying UX principles in my designs before I even knew that there was a profession associated with them. Target market research, competitive research, and analysis navigating business constraints and conducting user testing and user interviews have been part of my process since day one creating the Panbury’s website. I have iterated on the design many times and will continue to do so, using hotspot, optimization, and analytics tools to help inform my decisions.
The site caters to a multitude of users and a broad market with very different needs whilst remaining simple, easy to navigate (true to the in-store experience). Panbury's sells British style, South African hand pies. This is a unique product in the United States but very popular throughout the globe. In places as far-reaching as Australia, Southern Africa, and the UK, hand pies are ubiquitous. Panbury's caters to ex-pats living all over America, as well as locals visiting the site to view the menu, learn more about catering options, or order ahead online. Panbury's is a casual family-owned and operated restaurant that offers hand-made, authentic, and gourmet products with big aspirations and a bright future. It was important to translate all those elements throughout the design, color scheme, and copy of the site.
Great Ideas

The Problem

Panbury’s has a very diverse customer base, ranging from children to expatriate retirees. The site had had to be mobile friendly, but also cater to the 30-40% of users that access the site on desktop and tablet devices. The site has to provide information to customers visiting the physical retail locations, as well as provide the means with which to buy pies online and ship them nationwide. Some of the issues that arose were: The high cost of shipping, synchronizing with inventory across three sales channels, marketing to the American market as well as expatriate market, maintaining high quality standards and keeping production in-house, and educating new customers.

The Solution

Panbury’s website effectively provides a premium customer experience through: email marketing, cart abandonment emails, and incentivising programs (such as referrals and loyalty programs), authentic, compelling storytelling, and limited product variety available for online sale.

Through the integration of third party softwares and widgets, Panbury’s offers online ordering for pickup, nationwide shipping and integrated shopping cart, real-time chat, as well as email campaign sign up.

Next Steps

An integrated blog, updated navigation, new shopping cart and checkout experience, and improved omni-channel syncing are all in store Panbury’s website in 2021.


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