Search Discovery Brand Refresh & Style Guide

Visual Design
Project Details

Employer: Search Discovery, Inc

Date: March, 2019

Programs: Adobe Illutrator, Photoshop, XD

Skills: User Interviews, C&C Analysis, Graphic Design, Typography, Communication

Online: searchdisovery.com.

Search Discovery is a digital transformation agency, they help their clients use data to create business impact. As they have grown so have their branding and image needs. They had always exhibited a fun and exuberant energy, but sometimes felt too tied down to that aesthetic and needed a brand refresh to infuse some professionalism and consistency in their marketing and pitch materials.
I was hired to refresh their brand and create new brand style guide and apply the guidance to a new website and some key print and digital assets before their annual All Hands, where they launched the brand refresh.

The Problem

While the business leadership wanted the visual identity remain current and professional, they also did not want to lose what made the branding unique or become “too serious”. It was my job to tie together feedback from the CEO, CMO, and founder and create a brand refresh and style guide that was exciting, true to their innovative spirit and bold energy, as well as easy to follow when creating print and digital assets.

The goal of the new brand guidelines and style guide was to create a document that was simple for all employees within the company to follow. Since I was the only visual designer at the company, I couldn't help everyone create pitches or assets, therefore the guide needed to be accessible to everyone, succinct, and help employee's drive sales and communicate the brand effectively without the assistance of a designer.

The Solution & Deliverables

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3 Unique Visual Identity Concepts

My Reflections

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