Jonny On It

UX Case Study
Project Details

Client: Jonny On It, LLC

Date: November, 2018

Programs: XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Draw.IO

Skills: C&C Analysis, Heuristics Analysis, User Interviews and Surveys, Affinity Mapping, Personas, Sketching, Sitemaps, User Flows, A/B Testing, Multivariate Testing, Wireframing, Prototyping

Jonny On It is an ecosystem of apps and a website that was created with the intention of connecting realtors and homeowners with a reliable stream of service people to address their needs during the closing, and post sale maintenance and repair of a home.

The main Jonny On It app allows realtors to refer homeowners to their preferred list of service people, which in turn creates a network of reliable trusted service people from which to choose from when booking a home service.
The main app allows the user to book services ranging from major rennovation jobs to odd jobs. The app is functional, and serves its purpose. However, the company is not achieving as many app downloads as it would like, which the stakeholders attribute to the poor design of the existing website, which is supposed to promote app downloads. The owners of Jonny On It realise the value of UX, and contracted General Assembly to assign a group of UX students to their website redesign. I was one of four UX students assigned to the Jonny On It website redesign, which was our final project in the course.
Surveys & Interviews
Great Ideas

The Problem

The Jonny On It system works seamlessly and efficiently! Their branding and concept is in place, and their app is functional and easy to use. However, the app is not getting as many downloads as it should due to the lack of new users and retention on the website. The owners of Jonny On It want to maximize the potential of their website, because they believe it is holding them back from attracting more users and app downloads.

The Solution

Redesign the website to inform new and current users of all the benefits of Jonny On It. A responsive website design which offers all the functionality and perks of the apps, as well as serves as an advertisement for app downloads will help Jonny On It deliver a cohesive experience across all platforms.


One of the most rewarding aspects of this project was the alignment of our research findings with the real-time and historical findings of the Jonny On It team. While we were working on the project, Jonny On It was doing some research of their own, and both parties came to similar conclusions with vastly different testing pools and user groups. This really validated the project for me and my group mates, and further promotes the necessity for good solid research. The owners of Jonny On It were amazing to work with, because they understand the value of evolving, iteration, but mostly that the numbers don't lie. They made decisions based off of data and reason, not subjectivity or ego, which allowed for the UX process to shine.


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