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Lauren Duxbury
Hi, I'm Lauren Duxbury, a small business owner and digital product designer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Driven by a customer-centric mentality and service design approach, I am highly skilled at turning complex problems into beautiful, slick, and intuitive designs. When I'm not working, you can find me swimming laps, painting, or playing with my dog.

I have a natural talent for problem-solving, an entrepreneurial spirit, an insatiable curiosity, and thrive in collaborative and dynamic environments. My background in the visual arts industry has fine-tuned my visual communication skills, vast experience in retail and sales has taught me how to empathize with customers, and my entrepreneurial pursuits have endowed me with a unique resilience, adaptability, and financial acumen. Big picture thinking, efficiency, and balancing business goals, user needs, and technical constraints are my superpowers.
Growing up in South Africa and traveling around the world has exposed me to a range of cultures and people from all different backgrounds. Lofty goals, innovation, diversity, collaborative environments, and exposure to different perspectives fuel my creative process.

I am currently employed as a full-time UX Designer at Honeywell Connected Enterprise, and working on a brand refresh and website rebuild for Panbury's.

Visit my LinkedIn Profile for more details on my current projects.

Skills & Competancies

Like all forms of design, visual design is about problem-solving, not about personal preference or unsupported opinion.

Bob Baxley
As a UX generalist, I have a strong grasp on all of the latest UX tools and UX design and research methods. My user experience skills include generative research, persona development, user journey mapping, wireframing, information architecture, interactive prototyping, user testing, analytics, and rapid iteration.
My work is fluid, the product of collaboration, open to scrutiny, and forever evolving. I always advocate for the user and take care to validate my decisions through user testing, substantiate solutions with data, and encourage peer critique.

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Robert L. Peters
I believe visual design is a direct reflection of a brand. I blend innovative, contemporary graphics and typography with professional layouts. My experience in the art industry has informed my strong visual communication background, and my understanding of UI best practices and inclusive design ensure that user experiences are relevant, accessible, and engaging.
By defining a product's visual direction, I can create unique visual stories that attract the target audience and achieve long term success.
Through consistent visual-design I elevate brands and organizations and create truly delightful and memorable experiences.

At the heart of every product person, there’s a desire to make someone’s life easier or simpler. If we listen to the customer and give them what they need, they’ll reciprocate with love and loyalty to your brand

Francis Brown
I create fast, memorable, inclusive, and scalable digital products. By leveraging up to date usability, and accessibility best practices, I create products that are built to deliver growth, meet regulatory guidelines, and are manageable well into the future.
I combine a rich understanding of analytics, business knowledge, coordination prowess, and mature design thinking. This Product Management "ABCD" style of thinking elevates my approach to design and ensures my contributions are strategic, holistic, meaningful, and targeted.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.

Paul Rand
A successful design system cannot be created overnight, it is a long-term investment. Through a systematic and careful approach, a design system creates the time needed to solve complex design problems by eradicating duplicative ground-work and speeding up development.
I am a proponent of the Atomic design methodology and have experience building and managing design systems for start-up and enterprise-level organizations. I understand how to make them inclusive, service-based, and scalable, including where to begin, talent needed, timelines, and the governance models required.

Instead of using technology to automate processes, think about using technology to enhance human interaction.

Tony Zambito
What good is a beautiful application or website if nobody sees it or wants it? The integration of great content and marketing tools is key to the success of any B2B or B2C product.
I implement SEO best practices, integrate social media platforms, email marketing, and other marketing tools to maximize the visibility of digital products, help set realistic and achievable KPI's, and measure return on investment through analytics platforms such as Google Analytics.

Why Choose Me?

I'm Creative

I really love design, and I'm passionate about it! I enjoy exploration and critique, and practice creativity in many forms to develop my skill. I'm open to exploring multiple possibilities to achieve the best solution.

I'm Business Minded

I understand and speak business! I take the time to understand what strategic initiatives a business is trying to accomplish, care about those goals, and use quantitative data to reinforce qualitative findings.

I'm Empathetic

I'm passionate about developing empathy for my users and my stakeholders. I do my best to understand constraints, and what each stakeholder is trying to accomplish.

I'm curious

I have an insatiable curiosity and I'm truly passionate about evolving as a designer. I always strive to learn, develop and stay active. I am mostly self taught, and my healthy dose of self-criticism drives me to do better everyday.

I'm a Facilitator

Not every great idea can come from one person, I enjoy bringing people together and coming up with solutions as a group. I thrive in fast paced, cross functional environments where everybody participates in the process.

I'm Balanced

I understand the healthy tension that exits between UX, Dev and business objectives. I'm able to balance priorities, find workarounds, put in the grunt work, and come up with viable solutions regardless of the constraints and resources available.


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